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Gates – Make a dramatic statement by choosing a walkway gate created by Decorative Iron exclusively for your home. When it comes to design, the possibilities of ornamental metalwork are nearly limitless.

Far from simply providing security, a custom ornamental walkway gate offers the perfect accent to your home. Gate designs range from the traditional styles that incorporated castings and forgings to more artistic inspired elements.

With 30 years experience and a vast portfolio to work with, gate designs evolve and Decorative Iron Inc. can transform the concept into a beautiful piece of work.

Driveway Gates – Elegance – Security – Entrance gates, form a lasting “first” impression that enhances your property by bringing together the surrounding landscape and architecture. New technology mingled with Old World craftsmanship allows Decorative Iron Inc. more creativity than ever before.

Styles can range from a basic composition with straight pickets and spears to more ornate systems using arches, curves, scrolls, castings and forgings.

Interior Railings – Functional Beauty – Ornamental metalwork offers the perfect accent to any interior theme. From French provincial to Art Nouveau, there is a design specially suited for you. Follow the tradition of the world’s great homes by choosing a quality ornamental metal railing. The only limit to railing design is the imagination of the owner. By mixing elements and techniques, Decorative Iron Inc. can produce creations ranging from simple but elegant pickets to highly ornate, hand forged systems. They can create a truly custom look by selecting various casting and decorative forging styles. Brass or wood cap rail, colorful finishes, handmade scrollwork, and gold medallions are additional elements that contribute to a unique design.

Exterior Railings – Custom iron railings are an excellent addition to any northwest home. There ability to withstand the harsh marine climate makes them a practical addition to any home. With a wide, almost endless variety of styles, Decorative Iron can manufacture custom iron railings for any home.

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